What is the point of lawn aeration?  It makes your lawn healthier and higher quality. Specifically, it is done for two reasons: lawn thatch control and soil compaction reduction. Lawn thatch is a layer of dead organic tissue (mostly dead grasses and leaves) that prevents the lawn getting the air flow it needs. Soil compaction makes rooting difficult, and it also disrupts natural rainwater irrigation. Also, watering the lawn the night before the aeration process can make it easier to aerate a very dense lawn.

Aeration makes a considerable and measurable difference in your lawn’s sustained health and overall lawn quality. Grassy paths that incur heavy foot traffic require aeration more frequently to avoid soil compaction. Typically, lawn aeration is performed in the Spring as soon as the ground thaws.

In summary, the process of aerating your lawn allows more space for air and water to reach the roots of your lawn. By regularly aerating and allowing more air and water to reach grass roots, the health and quality of your lawn increases and sustains its health longer.

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