Snow Removal (as needed) Additional 2% off entire package. Starting at $16 per week with a Year-round Package!!!

  • MOW and Blow

    $40/week Great Value!
    • Lawn Mowing (28x)
    • Sidewalk Trimming
    • Sidewalk Bowing
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    $48/week 5% Discount!
    • Lawn Mowing (28x)
    • Fertilization (4x)
    • Aeration (Spring and Fall)
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    $64/week 5% Discount!
    • Lawn Mowing (28x)
    • Fertilization Applications (6x)
    • Aeration (Spring and Fall)
    • Weed Control (6x)
    • Bed & Sidewalk Weed Control (6x)
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  • Worry Free

    $108/week 5% Discount!
    • "The Works" Package, PLUS...
    • Pruning Hedges/Bushes (3x) OR...
    • Policing for Trash (28x), and...
    • Gutter Cleaning (1x, Residential Only), and...
    • Leaf Cleanup (4x)
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  • The Executive

    $161/week 5% Discount!
    • All ‘Worry Free’ Package Options, PLUS...
    • Landscape Maintenance (7x)
    • Startup & Blowout (2x)
    • Sprinkler Management (5x)
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Our Specials
  • Edging (7x)
  • Gutter Cleaning (1x)
  • Sprinkler Start up and Blowout
  • Bagging (weekly)

* One Add-On is only $5 more (unless noted) for ‘The Basics’ and ‘The Works’
* One Add-On comes FREE (unless noted) with the ‘Worry Free’ and ‘Executive’